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Hosts superior equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry.  Action Target, the

worlds premier designer and builder of gun ranges  and Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation.

At the Forefront of Research & Development

Over the last 10 years, Action Target has introduced more than 125 new firearms training innovations: They were the first to introduce individual, automated targets powered by compressed air instead of electric motors – a new industry standard for all types of law enforcement and military ranges. They were the first to incorporate powerful computer controls to run our range applications. Because Action Target is so far ahead when it comes to innovation, their products have helped determine the course of modern firearms training and shooting range development. In fact, nearly every major department across the country now trains on Action Target equipment. Nobody else can come close to saying that.




Carey's Range Ventilation System is a 100% outside air system with heating and cooling and maintains superior air quality and comfortable temperatures in all seasons.


Carey's Range Ventilation System is designed to meet the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines for indoor firing range ventilation and will provide a complete air exchange inside the range in under 2 minutes.


The system uses top quality-industrial equipment manufactured to handle the high airflows and pressure of the range ventilation system; consisting of a direct fired make-up air unit, evaporative cooling unit, and exhaust fan. The system maintains a constant supply airflow through the custom supply system including Carey's custom Radial Diffusers that are proven to provide "laminar" or even airflow at the shooters respiratory zone across the firing line.


The system modulates the exhaust airflow to maintain range pressure through the custom exhaust system and adapts to changes in range conditions. The ventilation system also includes Carey's custom Smart Direct Digital Control System with graphic user interface. The Smart Control System monitors the range operation to maintain safe operating conditions and displays messages for maintenance and alarms. The control system also allows Carey's technical support staff to remotely connect and provide technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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